The Green Pineapple Merino Wool Fabric Collection

Experience style, comfort, and sustainability in perfect harmony with The Green Pineapple's Merino Wool Fabric Collection. From premium Merino yarn with traceable origins to innovative 3D knitting, our collection defines a new era of sustainable fashion.

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Nestled in the heart of Key West, The Green Pineapple is at the forefront of a sustainable fashion movement. Our partnership with Tailored Industry brings together the island's natural beauty and eco-conscious luxury. Just as we've reshaped sustainable fashion with cashmere, we've now turned our attention to Merino Wool fabric. From yarn sourcing to final production, our eco-friendly approach ensures premium warmth, comfort, and sustainability. We're proud to offer 100% Merino Wool Fabric certified by Bluesign—a fiber known for its temperature-regulating properties, UV resistance, and hypoallergenic nature. Our extrafine Merino Wool Fabric hails from Biella Yarn in Italy, a testament to our commitment to quality. With seamless 3D knitting technology, we eliminate waste, and our on-demand production in the USA underscores our dedication to a sustainable supply chain.