CIRCULAR THINKING Digging deeper to do our part

Even in a digital age, most of us still visualize a clock as round and time moving in circles (day to night, new moon to full moon.) The current, Judeo-Christian calendar is the only one in human history that’s been depicted as linear rather than circular.

Circles are the way of nature, and the most natural to us as humans. Thus, moving towards a “circular economy,” as we must and as we are doing, isn’t a novelty but a return. Through most of history, and still for most people in the world, the practice of reusing and repurposing was and is a way of life. It is what The Green Pineapple believes in, advocates for, and polishes with each decision for the boutiques and café. 

We’ve all done it: buy something we know we will throw away after wearing it only a few times or we'll be using short-term. We have been sold a “linear economy” way of use/dispose/replace that is the opposite of sustainable, and has led to floating islands of plastics, mountains of waste, and overall deadly pollution. 

The alternative is products that either break down and return to nature (biodegradable, plant-based) or that can be disassembled and repurposed. Hemp, bamboo, and other natural products form one alternative; recycled glass, plastic, and polyester are examples of another. It’s all about the manufacturing practices––which encompasses everything from waste disposal to low carbon emission to workers’ rights. For a retailer like The Green Pineapple, it means doing careful research, digging deeper than most, and tracing the chains of production. 

 Moving into a post-pandemic era offers an ideal, historic opportunity to set different standards for ourselves, and to demand accountability from manufacturing. Those with the luxury of choice need to choose more conscientiously and put our money where our values are. The pandemic, by shutting down production, revealed the abhorrent waste of disposable apparel, in which a past season’s fashion leaves mountains of throwaway clothing with nowhere to go.  

 The best part is that adjusting our choices is empowering and feels good. Supporting small businesses––whether a boutique, or a local designer, purveyor, or restaurant––builds community, strengthens bonds, and builds circles of interdependence. These are the actions that get us through tough times like the pandemic and evolve us as a species.

 We feel lucky to have such great venues for action: three boutiques and a café.  

At the Wellness Café, we pull from our own backyard organic garden, buy locally sourced greens, and serve takeout in biodegradable, sugarcane-based containers. In the boutiques, we support local brands as well as aware, conservation-driven brands like Made by Soto and With Love Darling. 

Each decision matters on its own, and each adds to a movement for a different, healthier business model than that of the last half century or so. We all know what needs to be done, and what needs to change. We simply need to take those few steps into the circle. 

On another note, our Yoga Shala is open! Check out our schedule online Sign-up or drop in, move and breathe with us. You’ve waited long enough.