CONSCIOUS CONSUMERISM The search for deeper accountability

It's summer in the South, barely spring up North, already hot as blazes here in Key West, and it is time to start buying for Fall in the land of retail. Here at the Green Pineapple we're preparing for all of the above as we welcome guests from every State and spread our message of conscious consumerism. Meanwhile, we continually reflect upon what that message means and how best to hold ourselves accountable by holding our sources accountable as well. Whether we select a sundress, a hoodie, a pair of shorts, or a comfy sweater for our racks, we search for deeper and deeper accountability.

Does the company strive to be carbon negative? Does it support regenerative farming? Ethical work standards? Minimal waste and the reduction of toxic byproducts? The angles can be dizzying and the findings contradictory. For example, cotton. Cotton is considered 'natural' as well as comfortable and breathable. But, did you know that it's water-thirsty and oftentimes pest-ridden? And don't even get us started on transparency: is what a company purports to do actually true?

Larger brands tend to display more transparency (more eyes on them) but smaller brands offer more diversity, and support upstarts and alternatives, which we also want. It's a process and we remain committed.

We're sharing this because we want you to know that we are doing the work. We want to uphold our fundamental belief that 'consumerism' does not mean leaving a negative impact. We want you to know what it is you're paying for when you shop here. You're paying for positive directions, and to offset the negative impact 'fast fashion' has had on the planet in the past.

Meanwhile, at the Green Pineapple Wellness Cafe, Chef Layla shares her recipes for a cooling Hibiscus Lemonade and a delicious, hydrating Radish & Cucumber Salad that is sure to become your summer favorite.

We have been busy the past few months tweaking our website to offer a more beautiful and accessible experience, and (whew) it is up and running. So, please check it out at and let us know what you think of the new look. 

From our Yoga Shala, which will be re-opening on June 7th, our Yoga Director and Teacher Jin Smith offers tips on better wellness and vitality for the Summer. Find an opportunity to be a bit more grateful and graceful towards you.

So, be safe, be mindful and stay healthy.