Goals and Purpose

Have you ever been told to find your purpose? Or to define your goals? And better yet, have you ever wondered what was the difference between the two?

Goals and purpose are often used interchangeably, but there are key differences. Understanding how they differ from each other and why each is important can help us create alignment between what we do, why, and the impact we want to have.

So what's the difference? Well, goals are what we wish to achieve. They are specific and measurable. Purpose is the cumulative effect of your meaningful goals - the long-term aim or guiding principle based on the impact you want to have. In other words, purpose is the compass, and our goals are the actions we take to move in the right direction. Purpose is aspirational, and you journey towards your goals through meaningful and intentional choices and steps.

The Green Pineapple's purpose represents a brand’s reason for existing beyond sales and profit. Our purpose guides our mission that sets us apart from others. We strive to be more human-centered with a socially-engaged concept of purpose. We seek to create value for our clients, which is not a costly distraction but instead a value creator with clear benefits for our company and the larger community. The brands we choose and the foods we offer in our Wellness Cafe reflect our purpose on this journey. It's why we exist and it guides our mission that sets us apart from others. Our brand purpose is not simply a badge that we wear to look good or to further our own objectives, nor is it an intentional path to greater profits and better growth – we deliver it because we believe in it. It is an authentic manifestation of everything we hold dear, and it ultimately demonstrates a genuine desire for, and evidence of, positive social impact.

Purpose. It gives you meaning and focuses your energy, motivates you and prepares you for when you reach your goal. At the Green Pineapple, our goal is to make a meaningful difference through inspiring conscious living. Practicing awareness is living on purpose. You seize control of your habits, behaviors, intentions and actions that will have an impact both socially and environmentally. This awareness helps inform your day-to day decisions and influences how you experience life. You are living consciously.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms who have guided, nurtured and led by example.