Growth, Change, and the Next Phase

This year has been marked with an abundance of new opportunities and advancements for our boutique and wellness cafe. After major renovations in October 2022, we have committed ourselves to further collaborations with sustainable brands and local artists, and partnered with the Coral Reef Restoration Fund. Additionally, we’ve launched our Juicing program, bi-monthly wellness cafe events (starting tonight!) and will start offering online ordering soon.

In light of this immense progress, we have decided to invest all of our assets and staff toward the continued growth of the Bahama Village and Duval Street Boutiques and to close our 3rd location, The Green Pineapple at the Perry Hotel.

As a means to show our appreciation to everyone who supported us at The Perry for over four years, as well as commemorate this occasion, the entire store will be discounted* by 20%, with all sale items at 75% off, now through February 28th (*all sales are final).

We look forward to concluding our time at The Perry Hotel in style and hope that you can join us in our The Green Pineapple Bahama Village and Duval Street locations for amazing collections, scrumptious cafe creations, and wellness cafe events.