HELLO, 2022

HELLO, 2022

At the start of each new year, we mentally prepare ourselves for the newness and promise that the year brings as we jump across the invisible line that separates the great divide that is one second. For many, it was a joyful celebration in an outdoor, socially distanced event or it was spent with family, crowded on the couch in the living room watching inebriated news anchors and other celebrities make merry as the ball drops to the universal countdown. 2022 Is here and with it comes a powerful wave of hope for the future. Perhaps it’s maintaining a more conscious lifestyle, finding ways to achieve some form of balance by making healthier choices about what you eat, drink and wear, and maybe even choosing where you live and play. You make decisions to listen more, be more understanding and accepting; become more proactive and less reactive, making the right choices, consciously. Red Pill. Blue Pill.

young woman outside wearing a blue and white dress

For us at the Green Pineapple, 2021 was a tumultuous year of growth and expansion; all hands on deck kinda tumult. In other words, it was a short-term reactive year. Responding to the many kick serves, moon balls and back spins like pros, ending the year exhausted, yet ready for what 2022 brings. I am very proud that through the ups and downs that is an ongoing worldwide pandemic and the consequences thereof, we have made great strides forward. We did this because we love what we are doing and we especially love where we are doing it and that was the motivation to simply get it done. Our New Year’s promise to you: WE WILL continue to remain extremely diligent in what brands we bring onboard, conscious about the foods we serve in our Wellness Cafe and we will keep your mental and physical health in mind as we plan the classes and workshops we offer in our Yoga Shala. We have also revamped our online boutique, so please take a moment to check it out at www.greenpineappleshop.com

2021 was not the year we had hoped for, but it was the year we got. We see great potential for 2022.

Thank you to my team, and to you, our burgeoning Tribe.

Wishing you all the very best of everything in 2022.

Stay safe. Stay Healthy.