Integrity: The Root of Our Value System

Here at the Green Pineapple, it is our mission to inspire our global family to live a conscious lifestyle. We believe that the best way to do so is by leading by example and living in alignment with our values. 

Modeled after the concept of the chakras system, we have established a set of values that we believe provide the structure and support for living a conscious life.

The Green Pineapple

Stemming from various ancient spiritual traditions, “chakras” are described as energy centers throughout the body located along specific points of the spine. The Sanskrit word “chakra” translates to “cycle” or “wheel”, and according to this philosophy, our chakras are thought of as spinning circles that our life energy flows through.

When balanced or optimally functioning, our chakras allow our life energy (aka prana) to flow freely within ourselves and to connect with the energy of the world around us. This clear flow of prana enables us to be at ease and in harmony with life; in our bodies, minds, spirits, and with nature and others.

When any of our chakras are blocked or out of balance, we may feel a sense of disconnect within ourselves or with the outside world. It is believed that this imbalance can manifest physically, mentally, or emotionally, as specific diseases or ailments, or as a general sense of feeling unwell.

To open our chakras and keep them balanced, it’s important to create alignment physically and mentally within our body and mind. Mindfulness practices, as well as living authentically and in ways that feel true to ourselves and our beliefs and values, can help with this.

The traditional chakras system consists of seven different energy points. It begins with the “root” chakra, located at the base of the spine, and ends with the “crown” chakra, located at the crown of the head.

Here at the Green Pineapple, we believe that to lead a conscious lifestyle, integrity should always be at the seat of our being. Therefore, we’ve chosen “Integrity” to represent the root of our unique value system.

The Green Pineapple Juice Cleanse Program

We define integrity as being honest and doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. We’ve built the foundation of our company on our strong ethical principles, and we walk our talk; not only do we promote our ethical standards, but we continuously keep them in action. 

From the food we serve to the fashion lines we sell, we don’t compromise our ethics or integrity with the products we source. Our Wellness Cafe and boutiques consistently utilize and support sustainable and conscious practices.

The items in our very own Green Pineapple clothing line are carefully and mindfully chosen. They’re based not just on style and fashion but on their sustainability and eco-friendliness as well.

The Green Pineapple Cashmere Collection

Our Green Pineapple Cashmere and Merino Wool collections are sustainably sourced with traceable origins. They’re made using an innovative seamless 3D-knitting technology, which significantly reduces waste within the fashion industry.

The Green Pineapple Eloise Ribbed Polo Dress

Our 100% Cotton fabric collection is sourced from Filmar, based in Italy. The company is at the forefront of sustainability, committed to supporting sustainable agriculture methods and techniques and to enhancing social and economic growth.

The Green Pineapple Thomas Unsructured Blazer

And, certified by LENZING, our Eco-Viscose collection features styles made of fabrics derived from renewable wood sources that are then biodegradable and compostable!

Our boutiques also showcase consciously selected jewelry and accessories, supporting local artists, family, and women-owned businesses, and companies whose values are in alignment with our own.

For example, Blue Planet Eyewear is a company that makes its products using recycled and natural materials. They also donate a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair sold and employees volunteer monthly in their local community!

Our Wellness Cafe prepares dishes made from scratch using fresh, organic whole foods. We try to source local produce when available, from growers in the Keys and farms in South Florida.

Additionally, our cafe features a variety of organic, natural, vegan, and biodynamic wines, and grinds ethically- and sustainably-sourced Buddy Brew Coffee, roasted in Tampa, FL. We steep and serve TeaPigs herbal teas, whose values and ethics are quite impressive and inspiring. The company uses only plant-based packaging and is devoted to giving back to the communities from which its teas are sourced.

We serve guests their orders on sustainable ceramic tableware, handmade in Key West by Shade & Shutter. (Which is also available to purchase in our boutiques and online, by the way!) And for all items that are prepared to take away, we utilize only recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable to-go products.


The Green Pineapple Housewares Collection

From the forks, straws, napkins, cups, lids, and bowls, to the carry-out and pastry bags, it’s all earth-friendly! Even the trash can liners we use are biodegradable.

The Green Pineapple is also committed to protecting and giving back to our local community.  We’ve partnered with The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida to help support the rescue, protection, and restoration of the Florida Keys coral reefs through the Florida Keys Coral Reef Conservation Fund.

We take great pride in the companies we support. Not only are they aligned with our values and ethics, but we are also inspired by theirs. In offering products and services that are conscious and ethical, we are staying true to our authenticity and remaining in alignment with our principles. 

With unwavering integrity seated at the root of all our actions, we can keep our prana flowing freely, and we hope that our energy inspires others to live a conscious lifestyle as well!

Visit our two boutiques and Wellness Cafe to see how stylish and delicious integrity can be. We look forward to continuing to connect with you all and to share more of our unique value systems with you in the future!