Meet Rikki Shea

One of the Faces behind the Brand: An Exclusive Q&A with Rikki Shea

Rikki Shea

You've probably admired her grace and style in our marketing, but did you know this Key West beauty is also a self-proclaimed 'Triple Threat'? Horse whisperer, Pilates teacher, and real estate agent are just a few ways Rikki fills her time on the island (she's also a 4th generation Conch!).

But what caught our attention the most when meeting Rikki is her inner strength, passion, and integrity. She not only embodies these qualities but also effortlessly rocks our sustainable styles, making them her own. It's this genuine connection that truly resonates with our brand's values and designs.

Today, we're pulling back the curtain to introduce you to the real story and bond our cherished model has with The Green Pineapple.


Q&A with Rikki Shea

How did you end up in Key West? I was born and raised here in Key West! I am actually a fourth generation Conch.

What do you enjoy most about living here? The close-knit community of the island. Residents in this town are always so willing to support individuals, families, and businesses in times of need, it’s a beautiful and reassuring thing.

Where is your favorite place to take out-of-town visitors? Out on the boat for sure! There is really nothing like Snipes Point or Marvin Key, local sandbars, when the sky is blue and the tide is just right.

Is modeling your primary occupation? No, I jokingly call myself a triple threat! I am also a real estate agent with Preferred Properties and a Pilates instructor at FYT. I am truly passionate about all three roles, but the ultimate dream is to take my modeling career to the next level.

We've heard you volunteer at a horse farm. Could you tell us more about your role there? Absolutely! I am a proud volunteer with the Mounted Police Unit. I have always been mesmerized by horses since I was a young girl, but didn’t have much exposure to them growing up on a small island… Volunteering at the stables has brought out that inner horse-girl in me and being able to bond with the horses has made me so happy.

Rikki & Rey

How would you describe your style? I would say classy and chic, but without trying too hard. I do try to keep up with the latest fashion trends, but remain true to what makes me feel most comfortable and confident. I believe your presence and personality is your best accessory after all. (Join us in taking a moment to swoon over this answer - it's SO spot on!).

Which accessory is a must-have for you when leaving home? JEWELRY! My Green Pineapple family knows what a sucker I am for a staple gold hoop. I truly feel bare without them on.

At The Green Pineapple, we emphasize sustainability and quality clothing. What are the top 4 items you'd include in your capsule wardrobe? This is my absolute favorite thing about the Green Pineapple. I’d have to say my four staple items would be:

Cora Oversized Cashmere Sweater

Were you familiar with or had you visited our boutiques or Wellness Cafe before modeling for us? Absolutely! The Green Pineapple is a local favorite so if you live here, you know about it. I used to do a lot of online shopping but working with The Green Pineapple has taught me a new appreciation and respect for local businesses - especially those committed to sustainability - and I am so glad they welcomed me!

What's your favorite item from the Green Pineapple Collection, and could you describe how its fabrics feel for our online shoppers? My all-time favorite piece (or pieces actually!), are The Green Pineapple Sage Ankle Knit Pant paired with the matching Agnes Knit Tank Top, both in navy. I will never forget wearing those pieces together for the first time. The outfit just felt like me. The knit has a buttery, soft feel to it and the fabric hugged my curves in all the right places. It is a very versatile look as well.

What was the last item (or your favorite item) you ordered from our Wellness Cafe? It is always seriously so hard to choose, but you can NEVER go wrong with one of the Cauliflower Flatbreads. Sometimes when I am on the go, I like to pop in for one or two of the protein balls for a quick, energizing snack!

Do you practice conscious consumerism? If so, how? I do! In addition to shopping at The Green Pineapple and other eco-conscious boutiques, I participate in a clothing rental subscription service. It's felt great to contribute less waste while keeping my style fresh!

Wellness is central to our mission. How do you maintain a healthy mind and body? I am a firm believer in taking the absolute best care of your body. Because we only have one! Your diet is the most important component of health. I generally follow the 80/20 rule for my everyday diet and constantly stay active. Personally, exercising is most important for my mental health and wellbeing.

Could you share your experience working with James as a modeling partner? Your chemistry shines in our campaigns. It has been an honor to work alongside James. He has an effortlessly cool and gentle approach to him, making him so easy to work and laugh with.

Rikki Shea & James


Embodied in her experiences and aspirations, Rikki epitomizes the values of The Green Pineapple - community, sustainability, and wellness. To us, she's not just a face; she's a part of our family and an inspiration.

Are you interested in being a model or working with us at our Key West boutiques or Wellness Cafe? Contact us today and let's chat!